San Marcos Lions Club founded in 1941, with the official club charter being issued in 1942.


The Lions Club saw a need to preserve the green spaces around San Marcos, and began working with the city to acquire the 53.8 acres along the San Marcos River that became what is now City Park, including the current sites of San Marcos Activity Center, San Marcos Public Library, the old National Guard Armory, Sewell Park and, of course, the Lions Club Tube Rental.


Working with other civic groups, the Lions Club hosted fundraisers including rodeos, artist sketches, donations of livestock, live music performances and an air show over Thompson Field—raising the first $2,000 of the $14,500 purchase price for the land.

Albert Walker, Lions Club President for 1947-48, urges the city to assume the remaining $12,500 debt and render the area public lands.


City of San Marcos agrees to assume the parkland debt and take over ownership and operation.


The Lions Club started the tube rental using an old cattle truck, a portable air compressor and automotive tire tubes that were no longer deemed fit for road use. During the summers, the Club rented an average of 20-40 tubes per day. The truck was stationed at the falls just below Spring Lake.


The Lions Club sponsored a vision screening program for kids, now known as KidSight, in which any child may have their vision screened at no charge.


The Lions Club sponsored two new organizations:  The Texas State University Lions Club and the Leos Club at San Marcos High School.


November 16, 2021 — San Marcos Lions Club celebrates their 80th Anniversary